Let Diziti ask you! Are you owning a dog? And you want to train it but you don’t have enough financial resources to send it to a dog training course? If money is your problem, now it’s the thing that you won’t have to care about anymore! I would like to introduce to all of you The Online Dog Trainer Website established by Doggy Dan.

I also have a dog which is now so, so obedient and submissive thanks to all the lessons and the useful website of Doggy Dan. One day I went to Youtube, the most popular video site right now, with aim to find something that actually worked well on my dog. Then, I came across this Doggy Dan.

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My first impression was his curly hair and his bright smile. Anyway, after watching a couple of his videos, I was interested in them. I used some of his tricks on my own dog and somehow they worked perfectly. I decided to go on the website and there were so many awesome things. That’s the reason why I am eager to share with you all about this website today.

General view

Basically on a website, there are remarkable headings. Each heading will lead you to more narrow topic with detailed information. Let’s have a look at The Online Dog Trainer website.

 online dog trainer website

The home page of The Online Dog Trainer Website with main headings on the top

That is the look of the website. You can see the headings in white letters on the top of the page. From Pack Leader to Puppy Training, to Dog Problems,…they are all there for you to find information with just a few clicks.

You know that dog training is not something to be done within a couple of steps. It is not just about simple commands like “sit” and “stay”. Even those simple-sounded orders take time to accomplish. This is more than just normal commands. It goes into in-depth dog training sessions. It’s where you can really be able to make your dog become a part of the family, an awesome friend in your life with appropriate and obedient behaviors.

Even though I mentioned Dan’s coure, I think you probably don’t know what this course website is about. Therefore, to learn about Dan’s website, you can visit the website HERE!

Doggy Dan designed this website with hope that you will have better understanding of your own dog. Also, get to know how to educate yours to behave well whenever and wherever it is. You will no longer have to worry too much about it like running around just to keep an eye on it. Because now, it will come to you when it has problems. The course is to help all dogs from puppies to aggressive dogs have the ability to control their unwanted behaviors.

Oh! It seems that you only know the author of the website I’m talking about called Doggy Dan. Do you know who he is? Why did he become the author of the dog training course? Why did I introduce him to you?

In fact, there are many questions that you still wonder! I am a curious person, knowing what products or methods or when I have to find the author to see if he is trustworthy or not. Then I think you also need to know about Doggy Dan.

You can read it here if you don’t know him well!

Pack Leader Section

As you can see on the page, this pack leader is the very first section among the headings. Why? Why did Dan emphasize so much on this specific word and even make it the top heading?

Simply because he wanted to tell you guys how important a pack leader is to not only dog training but also parenting. This is actually one of my blog’s title which is: Being the pack leader is the key in parenting and dog training. Just read to see how crucial it is because without it, training dogs will become a much more challenging process. Simplify the process by learning the very first rule of being the pack leader.

The first thing appearing when you click the section is the introduction to the importance of pack leader along with his five golden rules that you cannot find any where else. This is what Dan has accumulated all his life spending with dogs and training them. Such precious pieces of information is something nowhere has and only in here can you find it. So, take advantage of them.

Under each rule is demonstration video to show how he put himself in the position of a pack leader to train his dogs how to behave and follow exactly what he said. Besides, he also mentioned dogs’ behavioral issues that you might face and provided information that helps to keep yourself safe presented in whiteboard and blackboard session and bonus audio to suck up all information you want to know afterwards.

Puppy Training Section from online dog trainer website review!

Dan called this the Project Moses. Moses is one of his dogs and this section highlights its training process with Dan. This is Dan with Moses.

 online dog trainer website

In this section, you can find smaller topics like General Health to understand your dog’s health conditions before starting to train. It presents health-related things: what your dog should and shouldn’t eat, its diet, etc. Or, getting started is about stuff to do before bringing your dog home with you.

All the videos about Moses is totally filmed in real life and real situation, nothing is set up. It’s has to be real for viewers to know that you have applied to your dog and it worked. So that when they apply the skills to their dogs, they can hope that it goes as effective.

Coming down a bit is another topic which is meeting the world including make nothing of It and meeting other dogs. Make Nothing of It talks about ways to make dogs deal with everything: cats, bicycles, etc. Meeting other dogs obviously focuses on how to train them to socialize with their kind in proper and appropriate manners. You can’t really let your dog off the leash when it keeps being aggressive and barking nonstop to another strange dog. You can help yourself out of that trouble just by having a look at Dan’s website, you know?

 online dog trainer website

Behavior Issues

Down a bit more, there is behavior issues section that shows you common problems you have to face when training a dog. This is actually a part of Puppy Training section but I want to emphasize more on it. It includes Toilet Training, Barking, Chewing, etc. Each of the issues will contain specific videos and explanation to tell dog owners exactly what to do. It’s simple training practice. Every day, with just a few minutes of watching, you can get the training you want. Apply to your dog and see what happens after that.

  • Toilet Training: This is the problem that most dogs encounter. Here, you will get tricks to show your dog to do toileting in the correct spot.
  • Referring to this content, the author has shared a lot of it. In fact, I think the problem of training a potty dog is really not an easy experience. The reason is that the puppy is young and not by traditional methods will make the puppy obedient and obedient. You can be very tired of dog walking training. And the good news is that Doggy Dan has shared this with a number of free videos, you can watch them right here!
  • Barking: Information about preventing your dog from barking in inappropriate time so that the bark will not disturb your peaceful time of the day.
  • Chewing: It’s important when your dog chew carefully before swallowing not to get choked. Ways to make it chew is all up here.

puppy potty training video free

He even uploaded videos of his puppy socialization classes where dogs are trained to behave well with other dogs. This is crucial and necessary. When a pack of dogs having fun and playing well with one another instead fighting and scratching, you will find peace in mind. There’s nothing better than having an obedient dog that can take care of itself without your screaming or shouting.

Everyday tools & techniques

Down to the right bottom of The Online Dog Trainer Website home page is the everyday tools and techniques. Those are what can be frequently used on your dog whether it stays outside or inside, out to the woods or in your backyard. You can use them anywhere at anytime. It’s like your master key to lock a variety of unwanted behaviors of your dog. It creates a extreme power to take good control of many situations.

As you have it, you will never have to train your dog in stress or aggression. No more shouting and screaming needed. Your dog will do exactly what you want if you make use of the those tools and techniques.

One of the outstanding technique is the “calm freeze”. It is really powerful. I’ve mentioned it as one way to stop your dog barking.

The above content that I share is not really all. What Dan shares is more than that. He provided some free videos and good knowledge. In addition to the above, he has other golden rules that you know of that will find it incredibly interesting and effective! They are Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules!

Read the Rules immediately here!

Conclusion for this online dog trainer website review!

In addition to product information and author’s, you also need to know more about the thoughts or opinions of those who have used Dan’s methods. Luckily I have had 2000 word posts to rview his videos as well as customer comments on various websites.


There’s also Dog Training section which is a bit more advanced and you can search for this after finishing the Puppy Training session. And also, there’s a forum for you to chat to different people all around the world who may have the same problems with their dogs as you do. It gives you a massive amount of information and useful advice from Dan himself and a lot of dog lovers as well.

Here is the direct video of Dan showing a visual visit to his website.

That’s the end of what I want to share. You’re having a dog and it has tons of problems? Don’t hesitate to come right to The Online Dog Trainer Website for amazing and effective advice and information from Doggy Dan, one of the most dedicated trainer I’ve seen so far. Thank you, Dan!

I’d like to give my thanks to all readers as well for your time reading my blog. We’ll return with more and more about dogs and dog training. So, stay tuned!

Love you all!

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