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Hello everyone, this is Diziti and welcome to our website.

I know that many of you have followed Diziti for a long time and always support me by reading and sharing my reviews. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate this very much. Today it will not be a review as usual. I would like to introduce you to Diziti website so that you guys can understand us better. Hopefully, you will continue to follow and support us with the next reviews.

1, Why and how did I create Diziti?

I started as a journalism student with the wish that I could become an excellent journalist. And I really wanted to visit many places to expand my knowledge and write articles that can create a good reputation. I have been a big fan of the journalist and photographer Eddie Adams since I was a teenager, so I’ve raised my dream to become like him when I grow up.

When I graduated, I used to write articles for many small newspapers about product reviews. Since then, I have learned how to observe and have an overview and skills to look up information and evaluate the quality of a product. Then because of knowing me through my newspaper reviews, some manufacturers invited me to assess and review their products. So far, I have had about 7 years of experience in reviewing products or programs for some manufacturers as well as some famous brands.

So, where is the idea that I want to set up my own website? I’ll tell you, it’s so simple. It came on that day when the robotic vacuum cleaner was popular, and I also wanted to buy one. But among many different colors and sizes, coming from many manufacturers of countries around the world, I had to read reviews to find out which is suitable for me. Then I thought, with my strength and experience, why didn’t I set up a website to review products to help people make the right decision? What I want is that when people want to learn about the quality and price and customers’ opinions about that product, my website will be the first place they think of. They can find all the answers and solve their problems on my website. So Diziti was born that way.

2, What values can Diziti bring to readers?

Diziti was created with the mission to bring the most objective and the fairest view to customers. With that mission, I believe this site will neither disappoint you nor other users. Our main purpose is that we will provide the most complete and accurate information to you. Moreover, we want to help our readers have enough knowledge to answer their own questions and confidently make the best decision.

I will not say that we will bring out the best service or the best reviews. Customers will be the ones to experience and affirm it themselves. I am confident that Diziti has complete information that you’re concerned about, and you will want to come back more and more times. Diziti will be the reliable address that many readers think of first when looking for a product’s review.

3, What makes Diziti different?

I know there are a lot of websites that do product reviews now. I have also read many different review websites before creating my own website. Most of them have in common that the writers do not put themselves in the customer’s position. Then they will not understand what customers need and what they want when reading a review. Most articles are not specific or lack information that customers need. Worse, readers won’t have faith while reading those reviews.

Since then, I set the goal of my website to be different from others, which I always put myself in the reader’s position to see what they need in this review. From which I can write the most objective review and provide sufficient information for readers.

Diziti appreciates the importance of a product’s author, which other websites talk little about or even don’t mention. Why is the author of the product so important? Because that’s the creator of the product that you want to find out. You have to have faith in its creator, and then you believe in it and use that product, right? I am aware that one of the parts that interest you most in a product is its price and customers’ opinion. Therefore, Diziti pays great attention to them, and I believe that you’ll be comfortable reading our review.

I believe that Diziti’s regular readers have experienced and made their assessments. How about you? Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

4, Meet Our Team

Our team consists of experienced health and fitness professionals, nutritionists, and dietitians whose mission is to support you on your healthy living journey with accurate information and helpful advice. We ensure our content is well-researched, high-quality, informative, inclusive, and reflects the latest fitness and health research evidence.

Below are some of the dedicated and skillful members of our team.

ADAM LEE, Founder & CEO

Adam Lee Founder & CEO DIZITI

Adam Lee, Founder & CEO of Diziti, is an excellent journalist and analyst. He has extensive knowledge and skills to investigate, synthesize and evaluate the quality of products.
He has about seven years of experience reviewing products or programs for several manufacturers and famous brands.

ANNIE DUONG, Health Consultant

ANNIE DUONG, Health Consultant

Annie Duong, Health Consultant, is a dietitian and a health and fitness specialist. She has been with the company for three years and oversees the content at Diziti. As a longtime fitness writer, she considers her mission to find the best quality products that work and create the most objective review and sufficient information for readers.

Best regards,
Adam Lee

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