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Dog Training Near Me and 5 Tips To Choose

dog training near me - 5 tips to choose

Thousands of dog owners are having the same question: “How can I find proper dog training near me?”. Don’t worry, there are some tips we share with you now after having accumulated through many times finding a proper dog training school!

5 Tips you should know before making decision

1. Pick your suitable dog training style

The first thing you should consider when finding “dog training near me” is which style of methods you prefer. There are 2 main types: traditional and positive methods. The former is related to rewards and punishment which we can name some usual tools like shock collars, commands, dominant techniques. The latter, in contrast, tends to use soft tools and techniques based on dogs’ instincts and psychology. Therefore, if your personality type shifts to avoiding force and violence, it would be better to choose the positive methods. Then you can narrow your dog training list by a half.Dog Training near me - how to choose?

The site is built by Doggy Dan – a dog training expert who proves to dog owners that we don’t need to force our dogs to obey their masters. Based on scientific knowledge regarding differences between dogs’ psychology and humans’, he has made and updated useful tips for people to train a dog in a simple way. Dogs feel the pain like humans, so don’t hurt little hearts.

2. Check categories of dog training program

Dog Training Near Me - Different Dog Breeds

Experts know everything related to their field, even if they are better at a specific aspect. Take a look at all aspects that the program could bring to you. If the dog training courses cover almost all essential sections from puppy training to dog training, from inside to outside behaviors and basic-simple steps-by-steps to master you dogs’ mind.

The Online Dog Trainer Doggy DanInside, there are 6 courses with nearly 400 tutorial videos covering all aspects regarding dog training. Dan provides Pack Leader section with 5 Golden Rules, Puppy Training section including all puppy behavior issues and basic command. The most popular and chosen by dog owners is the Project Moses section, where Dan shares his diary of raising his puppy Mose from 8 months to 8 years old. Moreover, there are everyday techniques that he uses all the time for his dogs to remind them controlling their emotions.

In each lesson, Dan also provides both visual videos and the audio version for dog owners. This is so helpful for us in different situations.

3. Looking for Dog Training Certification/Recognition

Dog training near me says they have profound knowledge and experiences of training a dog. But how I trust them? Questions related to its prestige should appear in our mind. The dog trainers we could trust must be certified or recognized by reliable organizations/ media. To name a few, SPCA (an international organization protecting animals) is one of the trustworthy channels. Those sources are one of the important channels for you to refer.

Doggy Dan is not a new name in the dog training sector. Having workedas a dog trainer and behaviorist over 20 years, he gained trust and recognition from the Dog Training Academy, SPCA and a number of TV shows in New Zealand. Looking at thousands of followers and subscribers on Youtube and Facebook, you will be persuaded by his way of training a dog.

4. Dog training near me has Real or Fake results

Have their methods ever worked? Sit down and search for information about customers’ reviews and real consultation the dog trainers have made. Taking into account that how many cases succeeded after using those services is also helpful. Customers’ satisfaction is the key to measure the quality of dog training.

Dog Training near me - Traditional method

As searching on the Internet, thousands of dogs and dog owners have experienced Dan’s methods. There are many real review videos on his site as well as on other channels. Besides, all videos Dan uploaded come from live consultation, with real dog owners, real puppies, and daily scenes. Therefore, you can totally see the practical dog training process and watch amazing results.

Click here to see Some of The Online Dog Trainer Reviews.

5.Any Guarantees?

Let’s ask yourself first: Will dog training near me provides fair guarantees for dog owners? If they are professional, confident about their services and have concerns about real benefits of customers, they absolutely build clear guarantee policies like refunding money (if their services cannot meet your satisfaction). Therefore, you can easily assess the quality before putting your trust in place. Dogs are just as our family members, so it is no reason for not being careful a bit.

the online dog trainer 60 days guranteeWe bet that you apparently feel safe when hearing this news. Dan provides win-win refund guarantee policies for you, whether you pay for 1 course, the whole package, or even the 3-Day Trial which just costs $1. A kind dog trainer whom you could believe in.

Innovative solution

Stop finding “Dog training near me” on the Internet because You can get a comprehensive solution which is right in your home with The Online Dog Trainer! This site provides profound knowledge and training lessons for you to learn by yourselves any aspects regarding training a dog. You can then enjoy training them with your own schedules and training options in the comfortability of your places.

What’s more special?

Dan wants his customers to try his products first before making any decision, with an almost-free course – $1. With the lowest fee ever, you can get access to the whole knowledge he has built based on his 20-year-understanding of dog training in 3 days. If it is not what you expect, simply email to Dan to receive the refund, even 1$.  

So, why we have to deny this lovely offer? Start your dog training journey in your home now, with 3 days of unlimited access!Start 3-Day Trial NOW!

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