10 Minute Awakening Program Reviews – Really Legit To Change Your Life?

During the COVID 19 pandemic, it greatly affected the lives of people and all class of life. And it has frightened people’s minds and has also been frustrated by its influence on work and personal relationships. And a person’s mind will determine the level of success and everything revolves around that person. Today’s article Diziti will talk about this topic, discussing how sound waves affect a person’s mind and success. It is called 10 Minute Awakening Program Reviews.

This is a program introduced by Carolena Forbes, a loyal reader of Diziti. And he has been following Diziti for a long time. He sent a letter to Diziti saying that the Covid 19 epidemic has put him under a lot of pressure from work, money, and affection. That made him always think that he is a failure and never get success. Even though he knew he shouldn’t think negatively, his brain always made him think negatively. After that, he decided to change himself so that he could earn living expenses with his wife. And that made him find the 10 Minute Awakening program via Facebook.

Right after that, he had to write to Diziti to ask us for help writing a review of the product so that Carolena Forbes could get the most out of it. Carolena Forbes! Diziti spent 14h to find information and write this 10 Minute Awakening program reviews. Because it is very long, please read and do not give up.

What Is 10 Minute Awakening Program?

10 Minute Awakening Program is a 3-week program that shows step by step how to Combine Enlightenment Inducing Soundwave Technology with Guided Meditation to Expand Your Reality, Create The Life You Want, and Magnetically Attract New Wealth.

This is a 3-Week Program that combining the soundwaves that stimulate your subconscious… and age old guided meditation techniques that monks teach in the Himalayas. It will help you take full control of your subconscious mind.

The only difference is… you DON’T have to become a master yogi or have a near-death experience to feel a powerful connection to the universe!

In 10 minutes a day, you will unlock your full potential, tap into the power of your subconscious, and rewrite your mental programming to give you the life you want.

10 Minute Awakening- product

Who Is Paul Thomas? Can We Believe Him?

One Hand, In The Official Site Of The Product,

10 Minute Awakening Review- author's image

He introduced himself he is Paul Thomas, a professional life coach, yoga practitioner, and a deep believer in destiny.

Moreover, he stumbled upon this beautiful secret many years ago… after a series of unfortunate events had him draw a line in the sand and start to re-write the story of his life…

Almost my entire adult life up until this point he struggled to make ends meet.

11 years ago, he was declared clinically dead. But while the doctors thought there was nothing left of him, he was having the most beautiful and peaceful experience he could have imagined.

Futhermore, he felt a sense of belonging, happiness, and purpose.


The Universe had given him a place without stress, worry, or fear. It was the exact blissful afterlife you would wish for. And After he was shocked back to life by paramedics, he became obsessed with reconnecting with that spiritual moment and finding a sense of purpose again.

That brought him to the 10 Minute Awakening Program.

Then, With years of research and the help of his friend and neuroscientist, Johnathan, he’s discovered the scientific principles behind that feeling of purpose, belonging, and happiness.

This is the reason he created the program. He has created this system to help people awaken their true potential for unlimited abundance in their life by using the same techniques and routine he used to improve his life.

On The Other Hand, According To Diziti’s Searching,

Of course I would search for Paul’s name on major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads. But you know what? I absolutely could not find his accounts and his information. There are 2 cases: first, he is a person who does not like to share information on social networks. Second, he really is not famous. But I am inclined to the first case. Because I found the product account with more than 25k followers. Well, It really popular.

Source: Facebook

And to evaluate the trust of the author, I temporarily didn’t trust him because there was little information except on the official site of the product. But I did believe in the product. But to trust the product completely, I need to find more information to be able to draw conclusions.

What Will You Get From This System?

If you spend only 10 minutes a day, you can reach your full potential, harness the power of your subconscious mind and rewrite your mental life plan to live the way you want.

It uses brain wave stimulation technology to connect to the subconscious mind and apply guided meditation techniques to instantly change your life.

All together, you’re getting…

First, Melt Away Stress to instantly give yourself the relief you need…

Second of all, The Flow State to tap into your potential for deep, innovative thoughts…

Thirdly, Purify and Heal, which uses your brain’s natural ability to heal your body through the scientifically proven Brain-Body Connection…

Fourth, The Creative Sleep bonus that unlocks your subconscious potential for creative genius...

Finally, With this program, you can remove all negative thoughts from your mind and think them over to remain active, energetic and happy in achieving your goal.

How Does 10 Minute Awakening Program Works?

The 10 Minute Awakening Program is simply an associate degree e-book with a stepwise guide that reveals the super secrets of expressing our manner dream. This program offers deep secrets and finer details that facilitate to manifest abundance in your life.

And here’s How The Program Works:


You start by reaching into your subconscious mind, using both the Vibrational Phenomenon and guided meditation together.

The program go deep into your subconscious using Alpha and Theta wave stimulation right from Johnathan’s proven research.

You’ll also begin mastering the art of visualization, giving your mind the power to truly SEE the universe and the life you want.

And there is NO waiting period: you get results on the very first day!

The Alpha and Theta waves stimulated in your brain will induce increased learning, focus, calmness, and rapid changes deep in your brain.

And WEEK 2

Next, in Week 2, it’s time re-discover yourself.

Your life has been a challenge, and we’re going to fix that.

We’ll dive deep into your past memories and subconscious belief systems, uncovering the pain and stress you’ve been carrying with you…

So that we can finally erase that pain and give you a brand new life!

Your relief is already on the way…

Then, WEEK 3

Finally, in Week 3, your permanent and magical transformation begins.

You build your dream life in vivid detail, creating a life story that connects you with your True Destiny so you can walk your unique path to success and happiness.

And all of it happens in just 10 minutes a day, using the Vibrational Phenomenon that connects us directly to the Mind of God!

What Are The Pros?

There are several positive sides of 10 Minute Awakening program. Here is the list of pros of 10 Minute Awakening Program in this review I found.

Firstly, This life-changing program comes in PDF, audio and video file format.

Secondly, Not time-consuming. The program only requests you to spend ten minutes of your day. You don’t have to stress or make any major lifestyle changes.

Thirdly, This application will help restore brain and body health and eliminate any blockages of positive energy.

Fourth, 10 Minute Awakening Program helps eradicate stress and lets you gain a happy and cheerful life.

Fifth, Immediate Access – no need to wait for pesky shipping times. You have immediate access to all resources in the program upon payment.

What Are The Cons Of Program?

Absolutely this program has its cons. But don’t worry much about it. I think it just is some little cons. The cons are below:

You need an internet connection to connect to this 10 Minute Awakening Program.

Moreover, You need to follow this with the utmost dedication to yield the desired results.

Furthermore, there is heavy use of audio tracks, so if you’re not a fan of audio this may not be for you. Personally, it’s a plus for me because I can listen anywhere and anytime.

Customer Reviews About 10 Minute Awakening Program

Now I sure this is an Important section in the 10 Minute Awakening Program review that all of you are like most. Let’s see feedback about this program. And I found both negative and positive feedback.

First, in the Official site of the product,

Here’s what Veronica had to say about her transformation:

“I was honestly skeptical, but it took less than 2 minutes before I started feeling more calm and relaxed. A few days later, I was a totally different woman. I’m in control, just like you said. And Today, one year later I’m finally going to buy my dream home!”

Source: Official site of the product

Dawn Johnson, New York

“I let go of so much negativity on the very first day. It’s just been melting away. This is what humans are meant to experience. Love and connection. Thank you!”

10 Minute Awakening review- feedback

Source: Official site of the product

In The Regionvavid Site,

Catherine K, Long-term results

“Long-term results

I particularly like this concise approach to manifestation, as opposed to hours of meditation or visualization which sometimes feels like it’s getting nowhere.”

Gilbert Isenberg

Rating: 5 /5 stars

“Feel good

I think that at this price you are getting a lot of useful stuff in this program. I think buying this program cannot make a person regret their decision unless they don’t put their effort and time to make maximum use of it.”

10 Minute Awakening review- feedback 2

Source: Regionvavid site

Stephen Valadez

Rating: 5 /5 stars

“The 10 Minutes Awakening program has all the things that can make ones life beautiful.”

10 Minute Awakening review- feedback 3

Source: Regionvavid site

In the Facebook web,

Chris Bryant recommends 10 Minute Awakening Program

“The most advanced personal growth programs you’ll find on the market. Reading books is great, but once you pair it with cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY it’s much faster and produces far greater results!!”

Aparna Bhattacharjee Banerjee recommends 10 Minute Awakening Program.

“It’s aweken my soul in a minute.

It cleared my vision.

And It helped me thinking my career optimistically.

It gave me immence pleasure to rethink about my ability, my limit, the person whom I always wanted to be.”

10 Minute Awakening review- feedback 4

Source: Facebook

Patricia Krenik recommends 10 Minute Awakening Program.

“It helps clear the mind from the stress of the day.”

Daniel Asemota recommends 10 Minute Awakening Program.

“It’s couraged and important all part of our mirror with experience of life good and i love it .”

10 Minute Awakening review- feedback 5

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, I also found negative feedback.

On the Facebook web,

Dannie Cade doesn’t recommend 10 Minute Awakening Program.

“It’s just a never-ending info-mercial while beating around the bush and never getting to it. Total waste of time and energy.”

DeVonne Poole doesn’t recommend 10 Minute Awakening Program.

“The initial emails reading your energy, etc compared to the pdf. and audios should be aligned. I did not find the ‘week 1″ meditation valuable at all. I’m blessed to go elsewhere for this vibrational awakening work.”

Source: Facebook

To sum up, one hand, the program brings tremendous success in the customer’s life. Overwhelmed customers speak openly about the product. One says that a 10 Minute Awakening Program took less than 2 minutes to make her calm and relaxed.

Others said that she has never been happier as she is after using the product, never looked or felt better. After the use of this product, people can see the connection between the brain and the things that manifest around them. A lot of people are satisfied about it.

On the other hand, also has some people don’t like this. But they do not express what the product is wrong with and what the problem is. So I still believe in the product from the above positive reviews.

Is It Worth Buying?

I can say that this product Absolutely is not a scam. Because a lot of customers have bought and used it. They leave their comment on many sites which I mentioned for you.

Although the lack of information about the author, but I found much good feedback. The satisfied feedback is much more than negative feedback. Then I still think it is worth your money.
If you or your relatives are using this product, please leave your comments in the comment section so people can refer more to this product.

How Is The Price Of 10 Minute Awakening Program?

The original price of the product is $ 397 which includes main product and the bonuses, but currently, it is being discounted. It is down to 88%. And now you only need to pay $47 for this product. Beside also when you click on the product purchase button, it will show you 2 more choices. You can buy 1 or 2 of these products but you will have to pay an extra amount.

First is the “Affirmation Activator” Audio Program Today! – It Includes our “500 Affirmations Audio Track”, “Change Your Life With Affirmations Ebook”, “101 Affirmations to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams Ebook” all for only $19!

Second is the Limited Edition 6 CD Physical Boxset For Only $88 (Normally $297). You Get The Full Program, With All 5 Bonuses PLUS 3 Special Surprise Gifts! Shipped Within 7 Days Via USPS. Removes All The Hassle Of Tech, Hold It In Your Hands!

These are totally your choice.

With $47, you just can buy T-shirt or some coffee. So I think you had your decision. This is a great deal when you really look into everything you are going to get.


How Many Bonuses Does It Have?

Well, I totally surprise about its bonuses. We together see them below.

Firstly, Melt Away Stress 

This is a powerful Theta Wave program that uses these miraculous vibrations to induce an instant calming effect that gets deeper and more relaxing over time. Negativity simply melts away as these soundwaves wash over your mind. It’s the easiest and fastest way to relieve stress and relax… and compared to a $200 massage, the value is incredible!

It’s worth well over $49… especially if your life is stressful and busy!

10 minute awakening review, Melt Away Stress

Second Is “The Flow State”

Now, the next step in your transformation is Bonus #2: The Flow State.

Remember those alpha waves that generate more creativity, focus, and overall power in your brain?

This bonus program rapidly triggers your brain’s alpha waves to give you a huge boost in focus and mental clarity.

If you’re trying to build a new business at home, score a big promotion, or simply tap into your full potential for creativity and focus, this program is an absolute necessity for you!

Third Is “Purify and Cleanse”

Up next is Purify and Cleanse. It uses gamma wave technology to spark a DEEP change and true purification in your body, down to the cellular level.

The power of this frequency simply cannot be overstated. I’ve seen it cleanse those in pain and rejuvenate the most exhausted, overworked people around.

Fourth Is “Creative Sleep”

Creative Sleep is designed to turn your nightly slumber into a powerful moment of creativity and innovation.

Artists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and mathematical geniuses have long praised the power of SLEEP to bring them incredible new ideas.

Creative Sleep allows you to unlock your natural dream state automatically, without engineering a “sleep chair” and let the creativity flow, every single night.

This bonus program normally sells for $49 – $99 on its own… but it’s just another free gift that I’m giving away to anyone who tries 10 Minute Awakening Program today.

Bonus #5: The 10 Minute Awakening Program Quickstart Guide: Get Rapid Results From Day 1.

Now, it may not look like much, but this quick little book will help you get the most out of your transformation from Day 1.

You won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how this massive course works. And You’ll hit the ground running and get real results FAST, starting in the first few minutes after you get access to the course!

Who Should Buy It?

Anyone who isn’t satisfied with any aspect of their life should take the time to really look into what this product has to offer. It can benefit pretty much any person who wants to be wealthier, happier, and more successful as a whole. There aren’t many people who cannot get something positive from this program. One of the best things about this product is how it can work so well for so many people.

Who Should Not Buy 10 Minute Awakening Program?

Due to heavy use of audio tracks, so if you’re not a fan of audio this may not be for you.

It also not for people who are not serious about making a positive change in your life.

Can I Have Money Back Guarantee Policy?

60-Day Money Back Guarantee – Yes, that means it’s risk-free! You really have no obligation to pay for the program if you don’t like it. Just request a full refund and you’ll get every single penny back. But I assure you it’s worth the money.

My Final Conclusion For 10 Minute Awakening Program Reviews

What do you think about the program after reading all my 10 Minute Awakening Program Reviews? Do you have your decision?

Let me to summary about the 10 Minute Awakening program again.

Of course I approached the program with skepticism and curiosity. And after learning about the author, I have 2 thoughts. Firstly, I do not believe in the author because of the lack of information about Paul. Secondly, I believe the product is partial because it has more than 25k followers on Facebook. A lot of people commented on the program’s posts. And after looking for customer feedback, I found both satisfied and dissatisfied feedback. But more satisfied feedback. So I believe in the product and its features. And it has the characteristics of being very cheap. Only $ 47 for the main product and bonuses. I, therefore, appreciate it well worth your money.

Thanks to this 10 Minute Awakening Program you can feel the change in your life. You can still see your stress disappear, the more sound you hear each day to make it clearer. In summary, this is the best short way to experience happiness and prosperity in life, and even after death.


I advised A to buy the product because of its good performance and he bought it. How about you?

If you’re ready to change your life now, click the official link and access this application. This 10 Minute Awakening program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.


Finally, thank you for reading all of my 10 Minute Awakening program reviews. And if you have any comments about it, leave a comment. We welcome your comments. If you have any products that you want us to review, please leave the product name below and we will help you.

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